Facilities of Jentilly Square

Interview by Dale Gribble with AboveIt Web Development.

“I can still remember the first time we drove up to Jen Tilly Square”, says Frank Brouwer, owner of the business complex, “we had been given directions: From Scottsdale, go south on McClintock Drive, turn west of Broadway Road and turn north on Jentilly Lane. You will find it on your right hand-side. And there it was: The inviting entrance through which you can look into the garden area in the center of it. It just touched us”.
Frank stays silent for a moment and then continues.
“That was almost 20 years ago, and I remember it like it was yesterday. It was clearly in need of some fixing, but it had charm”.
And fix it they did and have continued to do every year since.

I am interviewing Frank and Judy Brouwer from their on-site office at Jentilly Square in Tempe, Arizona.

“There are always small issues when you have 20,000 square feet of building, 40 Air Conditioners, outside lighting, landscaping and the extreme weather conditions during the summertime. But we manage just fine. We have lots of help from great contractors”, Frank says.

Judy Brouwer chimes in: “Recently, people have dubbed it “vintage”. I like the sound of that”.
She does most of the management of tenant relations.

And Jentilly Square does have charm.

It is hard to describe. Perhaps, it has to do with the garden area and its wide variety of plants and trees, with very tall Palm Trees scattered all over the property.
Perhaps, it has to with the mix of tenants, many from the Alternative Health Care field (Yoga Studio, Pilates Studio, Chiropractor, Massage Therapists) as well as Healthcare professionals (Counseling, In-home Healthcare), mixed in with business owners from many different professions (CPA, Contractors, Computer Technology) and there is even a small recording studio.

“Some tenants have been here longer than we have been here”, Judy says, “that must say something about the property.”

It could have to do with the location as well.

In the heart of Tempe, Arizona, with access to many different service businesses, such as Starbucks, a grocery store, Staples, Ace Hardware, Quick Trip gas station with its Quick Mart all within walking distance.
And public transportation, which is usually not very accessible, is also very nearby.

High Speed Internet available.

Utilities are included.

Ample parking including covered parking.

Great Freeway Access nearby.